I’m not straight. I’m gay. But what if I was on the ‘other side’? Well, even if I was a straight man, I would love to use those fun gay slangs and phrases, simply because they would make you celebrate my sexuality and give a damn to the society.

So, whenever I get tired of the unfair struggle of a gay or queer person in India, I let loose and meet my buddies. Result? We end up giggling, laughing and bursting, using these 20 gay terms you must have been very curious about too.

1. Gold Star – Every hardcore gay takes pride in being a gold star (a gay man who never had sex with a woman). Well, if you are into men, you will definitely dread the idea of having an encounter with the opposite sex. Won’t you?

2. Kink – You must have heard this term thrown around on the internet. I suggest you put aside your Fifty Shades of Grey for a much more interesting look into what it truly means to be kinky.

Very simply, a kink is anything that falls under non-traditional intimate desires, habits, or fantasies. Reasonably so, kink will mean different things to different people based on cultural backgrounds. But in most contexts, the definition includes anything that falls outside romance/sex between two men.

3. BDSM – Only a fresh gay flower (ahem, you know what I mean) won’t know what Bondage, Domination, submission and, Masochism is all about. It is a catch-all phrase for all kink lovers out there, covering a wide range of activities and relationships that explore unequal roles. The terms “domination” and “submission” are often used to build a relationship between the dominant partner (usually top) who takes psychological control over the submissive (commonly bottom).

Keeping all these naughty ideas aside, always remember that the BDSM is based on informed consent of both partners. So, whenever you start freaking out, say the “safe word”.

4. Switch – If BDSM got your attention, there is a term you might be interested in too. A switch is a guy who enjoys domination and submission. Simply speaking,  it is the kinky version of a versatile.

5. Puppy Play – It is a fairly new term in the world of kink. Puppy play is part of a group of scenes where the Dominant is called the “Owner” and the “Submissive” is called the Pup. During the scene, pups stereotypically act like dogs. While there is no fixed template for puppy play, most gay men would agree that this power dynamic is harmless, relaxed and playful.

6. Homophile – Still reading the list? You are most definitely a homophile. Worry not; it’s not a bad thing. This term is used to describe a man who has a sexual or romantic preference for his own gender.

7. Chicken and Chicken Hawk – You will be labeled as a “chicken” if you are a young gay man seeking older men. On the flip side, you will become a “chicken hawk” – a gay veteran looking for young dates.

8. Platinum Gay – Love watching Will and Grace? You will get this one. A platinum gay is someone who has never kissed a girl, never been intimate with one and was born by cesarean section. You practically never touched the “lady garden”.

9. Unicorn – A gay man who’s genuinely interested in finding and forming lasting relationships. If you are typically attracted to a guy’s intelligence and personality over his looks, you are a “unicorn”.

10. Hetty – This is a term I love to use to get them guessing what it is about. Well, hetty is a shortened version of “heterosexual”.

11. Iron Closet – Many of us have been confused when we were discovering our sexuality. But, an iron closet is a different breed altogether. It points outs a gay man who is in deep denial about his own sexuality – the one who might never come out.

12. Passion Fruit – An old Hollywood term, used to describe an annoyingly straight-acting and masculine gay man.

13. Vampire – If you are many gay men’s agony aunt, this one should be no brainer. A vampire is a gay man who goes out looking for hookups late at night.

14. Vegetarian – A gay man who doesn’t get into orals. No judgments though!

15. Ice-Cream – A guy who’s so sweet that you just want to lick him. Don’t we all deserve our fair share of ice-cream?

16. Full House – Would you get it if I say it’s best to stay away from a full house? Well, the term describes a gay man who has more than one sexual transmission diseases at any given point. What’s the lesson here guys? – “Always protect yourself by using a condom.”

17. Yestergay – As the name says it all, Yestergay is a gay who is now in a heterosexual relationship. Can a person decide to go against his own nature?  Well, it happens to a lot of guys in India.

18. Hanky Code – Hmm, this one needs some explanation. The hanky code is a color code that has been around 1970s. Long before we had Blued, gay and bisexual men seeking casual sex wore handkerchiefs in their pant pockets, hinting what kind of sex they were looking for. They used different colors to indicate whether they were a dominant top or submissive bottom.

19. Cruising – Though popular around the western world, Cruising is finally finding its place in Indian gay language. It stands for the act of searching for a public place in pursuit of a partner for the ‘act’.

20. Edge – I saved the most erotic one for the end. Edging is a technique where you or your partner intentionally brings you to the “edge” of orgasm. The moment you are about say “ahhhh”, you stop and let the pleasurable feelings die down. You can repeat this process of bringing yourself to the edge as many times as you wish. If an orgasm rates 10 on the pleasure scale, the intense pleasure you feel edging is 9. Hope you know what I mean!


  1. We all fight for our rights ,equality , same treatment and to destroy the prerequisite labels and we ourselves put so many labels and box ourselves only

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