Gay Men in India

Growing up as an Indian gay in mumbai was to feel stigmatised in this world. There were no Indian gay communities in my hometown, nor would anyone in this group will talk homosexuality really such a topic. In few months ago, I came across a mobile app called Blued, then I really realise that the India gay men communities were really exist, combined with millions of Indian gay and Indian Igbt, just like what I am, all of a sudden, I am not alone.

I kept switching from one gay dating app to another because I’d heard horror stories from other gay men in Delhi about all of the random dudes that somehow find their way on these apps, but dating men is partially a numbers game. When one day, I was surfing online when my eyes were caught by the application that offering dating with Indian gay and Indian Igbt, I was so surprised to download it and I found that Blue is the apt app for that. 

I finally swallowed my pride and created a profile on Blued. And try to use it straightaway to looking for another Indian gay men few meters away, and I went on my first date with the man who’s now my boyfriend. So, if you’re only looking for Gay men in Delhi, it’s worth the thumb energy to swipe past all the unnecessary guys who pop up on the way to the man of your dream.

I know I already said that Blued’s user interface is incredibly smooth, but there’s one more Blued “rule” that makes it slightly different than other dating apps. Blued approved profile pictures based on their authenticity.

Like many other apps, Blued started out focusing solely on gay people, but it has become much more queer-friendly in the last few years with the addition of a bunch of options, where you can stretch out your map to the any Indian lgbt groups.  It allows you to add photos, bios, interests and more with ease. Because Blued has more extensive user profiles, it’s also good for any guy who’s looking to connect over more than just a hunky face.

Though Blued isn’t exclusively a dating app for tops or a platform for bottoms, it allows you to tailor the user’s experience based on your likes in bed and preferences. Blued also has a wide range of guys on the app so you don’t get confused when, after days of chatting with a cutie, it turns out he was only looking for friendship. Also, Blued is a little more customizable than simple dating apps.

Its user interface also gives a different feel to the traditional swipe of gay dating apps. Instead, you can scroll through profiles so you don’t accidentally lose the man of your dreams by swiping the wrong way. This could be one of many reasons why Blued already has a community of thousands of Bangalore gay men, which is expected to grow a lot more in years to come.