Exchanging erotic glances and nervous smiles are part of living as a gay man in India. Be in metros or bedroom, the fire between two gay guys is in the air. Taking a sizzling bold step, 5 Indian gay men shared their guilt-free sessions of passion with us. Look at these 5 honest, kinky confessions made by queer men across India.


I enjoyed being groped in public. 

“It was my first job in Pune. I was the one who used to commute to work by bus. One fine day, I found myself being groped by an old man. The bus was packed and ‘uncle’ had taken advantage of the situation. Though it made me feel little uneasy at first, soon I started enjoying it. My nerves started getting calm and I let him move his hand all over my private parts. Unfortunately, some guys de-boarded at the next stop. I found myself and uncle in the corner alone. I physically forced myself onto uncle and used the trick of tripping over him, but I guess by then he lost interest in me and moved in the different corner. I still wonder what made him ‘chicken out’.”   –    Ravi, Pune


I and my cousin took a shower together and ended up playing with each other’s d*cks. 


“I was a super horny child growing up in rural Uttar Pradesh. When I was 13 I had my first sexual experience with my cousin who was aged 14. We took a shower together and ended up playing with each other’s d*ick. Then several other times we messed around and licked each other’s as*es. We knew it was bad but it felt good.” –   Subodh, Mumbai 

I pretended to have sex with a huge stuffed animal.

“When I was around 15, I pretended to have sex with a huge stuffed animal. Way before playing a pure top for the first time at the age of 22, I had no idea how was sex done so I just pelvic-thrusted a bunch. Living in a joint family, I never got a chance to know how real sex can be done since I never got to watch porn or real Debonair. When I turned 17, I and one of my friends wanted to try ‘sex’. One of us stripped down and held themselves in the push-up position over the other person. We both weirded out. We never spoke to each other after that incident.” –   Sameer, Agra 


My young uncle opened me up and I liked it.

“I and my good-looking athlete uncle often played Squash together. Three days after I turned 18, it started with him accidentally showing me his long, giant penis. This escalated to me taking off my pants and bending over to let him ‘inspect’ me – which meant him basically fingering me and licking my hole from behind. It escalated further until I ended up sucking his dick a few times and we had full-on sex. I can’t speak for my then macho Punjabi uncle who is now settled in Canada, but I never regretted losing my virginity to him, simply because I liked it.”  –   Abhinav, New Delhi 


I acted out a drunken raping scene with my boyfriend’s ex.

“One night after fighting with my boyfriend, I knocked at Rahul’s door. Rahul was my boyfriend’s ex whom I stalked through Instagram and subsequently searched him on a dating app. Rahul didn’t know who I was. But, I often visited his dating profile that had his half-naked photos and started chatting with Rahul. Though I liked Rahul I never thought of meeting him up until my boyfriend slapped me over an argument. The day Rahul received me in his apartment, I asked him to act like a stranger and pretend we met at a bar as I was playing drunk. He ‘brought me’ to his bed and kissed me all over my neck and lips. The rest of the night was a role play, where I pretended to be raped by a stranger who took advantage of a dunk, bubble ass. Rahul and I are still in touch and my boyfriend yet doesn’t know anything about it.”  – Naman, Bangalore  


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