Imagine a scenario. You met a guy at a party and you two exchanged WhatsApp numbers. You didn’t think anything of it until the conversation between you two started getting pretty flirty. It escalated to the point where you shared nudes daily. This guy asked you to meet up tonight at his place. Now you are pretty sure you two are going to hookup, but the issue is that he’s a top, and you have never been a bottom before.

Here, the real issue is not a commitment, but your inexperience, which might make things awkward. So, how do you make sure this night goes well? Well, we are here to help you out. Team Blued India has compiled a list of tips for first-time bottoms. 


  1. Groom yourself 

Make sure to poop and shower before heading over. This may seem like a no-brainer but you must clean out your colon before having sex. Douching is by far the easiest thing to do to get this job done. To be assured that you have douched well, use Enema. It is made from medical-grade silicone and is safe and easy to use. Cleaning up beforehand will make sex more comfortable and remove all inhabitations you might have as a first-timer bottom. 


  1. Use some finger 

Taking a nice, warm bath will help you relax. After that move to some fingering to see how prepared are you. It’s important to be relaxed if you are nervous and tense. You might want to try fingering in the shower to see how it feels.

Right before losing your virginity, finger yourself before or have him finger you to loosen up. To ensure you don’t end up bleeding, make sure you and your partner’s nails are trimmed. 


  1. Use lube 

I can’t emphasize this enough but… one of the keys to first pain-free bottoming experience is LUBE, LOTS AND LOTS OF LUBE. Many first-timers think they won’t need lube for their bottoming experience. I hate to break it to you – you are wrong and just plain stupid! Apart from making your man wear a condom, having the right lube is one important factor of how to bottom with no pain for the first time.


  1. Find your position 

Make sure you start slowly in your favorite position before it gets a little easier. Paying a bottom doesn’t mean to be submissive, or that your Top has to be in control of you. Riding your guy is a good way to self-manage how you take his ramrod. Being on the top of him will help you decide how fast, how much, and how hard you can go in a certain position.


  1. Be vocal 

It’s your ass, so it’s you who will have to look after it. Don’t be afraid to tell your guy if it’s too hard, too deep, or too fast. It goes another way around too – if it’s not hard or deep enough make sure he knows that too.


  1. Save it for the other day 

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. It’s your first time and it has to be special. Make sure you are with a guy who is sensitive to the fact that this is your first time with a guy sexually. So, think before wanting to jump right into penetrative sex? 

If the other guy is super horny, yet very aggressive, you have to tell him that pleasurable sex needs to be penetrative. Perhaps, you should start with a hand-job and work up to blow job if he is still keen.

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