Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the cut-off date of Income each month?

A. We will calculate monthly cycle 1st-last Calendar date every month. Eg: The cut-off income date will be last calendar date of each month around 9:30 PM, similarly the calculation for the next month will begin post 9:30 PM IST for the next day.

Q. What is the definition of rising hosts and rising supporters?

A. Any New HOST, who joins this month and makes a rapid income, surpassing new hosts income each month shall be rewarded for that PARTICULAR Month, please mind, this is also defined as monthly NEW HOSTS from our TIER groups with highest increment of the monthly income, No existing hosts, shall be counted as rising hosts. If you work hard as a new host, you can also become a RISING STAR HOST, so this is a very great opportunity.

or rank in new growing supporters in decreasing order of beans consumption for that month, you will become a RISING STAR SUPPORTER

Q.When will the rewards be distributed?

A. Each month our team will send an in-app message to your blued accounts, so never miss those and remain glued, you will need to join our TELEGRAM groups, invite based only, within 48 HOURS, failing so you shall not be counted in the list of Blued Indian Stars. Post joining the group, we shall distribute the rewards, between 1-5th of each month* However, this could delay if there is any holiday, or weekends which may fall on such dates.

Q.What is the minimum income criteria to join our Tier Groups?

A. You’d need to maintain a minimum of 10,000 or above monthly income to be a part of our tier groups, failing which you will not be eligible for the benefits mentioned in the chart.

Q.How to join ourĀ  BLUED INDIA TELEGRAM groups?

A. All eligible Blued users will be reached with an in-app message around 1st-2nd of each month, check if you have received any message from Mr. Blued in your message box, there will be a join our telegram group link, which will lead you to our Blued Telegram channel, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NOT INVITE OTHER MEMBERS or share the link with other users.

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