Blued is the Co-Title Sponsor of “International Night” for Mood Indigo 2019

Not very long ago, Blued participated in IIT New Delhi’s annual cultural fest – Rendezvous 2019, representing the LGBTQ community of India. This was the first time when any gay dating app spread awareness about LGBT rights in any academic institution.

What started at Delhi is now set to reach Mood Indigo – the signature, cultural festival of IIT Bombay. Blued will be the co-title sponsor of International Nite 2019 at Asia’s largest college Cultural Festival, the biggest of its kind in the world. Held towards the end of another year (26 – 29 December), the social gay dating app will also be conducting a contest to distribute 100 Pronites passes.

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Blued’s intent at Mood Indigo is addressing gay student stereotypes in educational campuses across India and ensuring community well being and support, ranging right from mental health to sexual well being. “It is the first time when any gay dating app is reaching out to any educational institutes in our country. For us, it is an opportunity to meet students, who feel very strongly about LGBT rights in India,” Sanyam Sharma, Marketing Director – Blued India, tells us more.

Blued in a post 377 India

In 2018, the world’s biggest democracy decriminalized gay sex. In a historic verdict, India’s LGBT community was pronounced to have the same sexual rights as everyone else. The verdict put an end to a long, unjust struggle by the LGBTQ community and constitutionally speaking India moved towards a more ‘equal’ India. Post Section 377, the door has been opened wider for conversation around LGBT rights in India. However, getting 377 abolished was just the first step towards righting wrongs. We have a long way to go as far as sensitizing people on LGBT issues is concerned.

At present, India has very little representation from the LGBT community at work, and even less in leadership roles. The culture of homophobia in the workplace is perpetuated through attitudes and work policies.

Blued’s visibility at Mood Indigo is part of the gay dating app’s drive to start the conversation on LGBT rights. The next aim is staging conversation on same-sex marriage, bias-free recruitment of LGBT people in leadership roles, insurance coverage for HIV positive population, adoption and surrogacy, right to inheritance and sex reassignment surgeries at government medical facility. “We wish more educational institutes like IIT Bombay to have nuanced approaches to gender and sexuality. All educational bodies should create safe spaces for gay students to address abuse and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation,” concludes Sanyam Sharma.


About Blued: Since its launch, Blued has grown into a world-class gay dating application where you can connect with fellow members of the LGBT community.  The social dating app makes the most of location-based technology in almost every city of India, allowing users to create a social media-like presence through profiles.