Using gay dating apps has become so common these days that it is uncommon to find singles that are not using them for casual hook-ups. And we ask – “why not”? Getting on a gay dating app is such a fantastic way to meet guys who share the same fetish, hobbies or interests in bed. Besides, there’s a certain power in having so guys at the end of your fingertips. But, every now and then you must have met some guys too who simply test your patience and irritate the hell out of you. Here are 9 types of guys we’ve all met on gay dating apps.

1. The Browsing Bees

The Browsing Bees

These are some guys who have zero intention to date you. They are in a long-term relationship or are otherwise unavailable. They simply come online to get their daily dose of flirtation. They are so damn thirsty that they have no interest in knowing your hobbies, interests, and dreams. So, how can you identify them? Well, get little conscious if they ask for nudes directly. Also, if they get into sexting, know that they just want to sh*g it out. 

2. Dreaded Pen Pals

2. Dreaded Pen Pals

They want attention; they want to flirt. They like all the things that come with dating, but real dating. They may have gained some weight and may look different this time around. Result? The idea of getting naked with a stranger could be insanely terrifying for them for now. You may never hear from them again. But, at least they’re harmless.

3. Window Shoppers

Window Shoppers

As far as these Wannabes are concerned, they never let the conversation progress beyond a point. The moment you appreciate their interests, they ask you to follow them on Instagram and like their social media feeds. Ahhh, such a waste of time!

4. Sweet Yestergays

Sweet Yestergays

We gays age and there is nothing wrong with that. I have got nothing but respect for these guys. But, it gets a little weird when they upload their young self in pictures. You may find them sweet when you ultimately meet them, but the idea of meeting an older version of your prospective date ruins it all. 

5. The puppy lovers

The puppy lovers

When you get horny, you want a real date, not a pet lover even if you are really into pets. This young breed usually fills their profile with pictures that are either taken with a dog or are just of a dog. Their bio reads they like animals more than themselves – probably not the breed of animal you were looking for. 

6. Hot Hunks 

Hot Hunks

OH yes, their body is a dime and they are definitely not afraid to flaunt it. Most of the time, they want to tease everyone out there with all of their photos cropping their face out. It’s like a rolling of the dice. Text them if you wanna play. 



They’re hot; they’re single. But, soon you get to know why they have been single all this time. They have no desire to move past texting and calling you. Some gays become an emotional leech and you certainly can’t help it. So if you are looking for a hookup, don’t be someone’s therapist – not for free, at least.

8. Nerdy Nuggets

Nerdy Nuggets

Indian Gay dating apps are full of nerds and geeks who are super uncomfortable when talking to guys. These are people who will probably try to pull off a joke, which will make you laugh at their efforts. These guys definitely have some unresolved social anxiety issues. 

9. Dedicated Dudes

Dedicated Dudes

You may have just won the lottery. People who SHOW UP are the watermelon of the dating world. Everyone likes them. They are actually pretty decent and “normal”. They look like their pictures, they are on time, and they can even be a pretty solid company.


  1. Exctly…. bt ek saval h ….. I m stright bt I like gay Sex vale kya sacch me gay ya Bisexual hote h ???🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😅😅😅

  2. You have just read it but it is all good but we cannot change anyone’s thinking and I want to say this. This app is very good. Yes, there is a slight difference of thinking.

  3. In south India I found most of the men are looking for physical relationship only they are not given priority love and care

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