Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Gay relationships are hard, especially in a society like India where gay couples keep their relationship going even though at least one of them hasn’t come out of the closet. It may have something to do with social discrimination gay men face in our country or annoyingly high homophobia, Indian gay men rarely notice long-term relationships blossoming even in the post-377 era.

But, there’s a single problem that can’t be solved with creating mutual understanding and working through relationship issues. So, here I am (someone who has been in a serious gay relationship for seven long years) giving you 5 gay relationship tips that are bespoke for Indian gay men.

1. Talk it out

Talk it out

Before you receive your first gay relationship advice from someone you despise, go back to where you two started – getting to know each other. Do not refer to past mistakes, rather try to explore all things that once made you desperate to date each other. You can tape these conversations for your next talk. You never know watching yourselves as quarreling kids may make you laugh out loud on your immaturity in the future.

If you two find it incredibly hard to resolve your issues with talking it out, sign up for same-sex couples counseling. Your location (as it mostly happens in India) may not always have relationship coaches who address gay couple problems. If you find that to be the case, sign up for an online gay relationship counseling.

2. Get Naughty

Get Naughty

All relationships, even heterosexual ones, get monotonous with time. The result? You get tempted to look out for sexual companionship outside your cocoon. If you find yourself in such a situation, just ask yourself a question – “why to wait for things to fizzle out when you can make it work beforehand.”

There are some aspects of naughty sex that can make your man sexually addicted to you. Remember – India is the land of the Kama Sutra. We are the people who invented a whole new set of sex positions. You too can experiment and discover your own sexual position that gives you and your man full-body, shaking orgasms.

To reawaken that fire you two once had for each other, practice orgasmic meditation – something blissful for a long-drawn-out orgasmic experience. If noisy sex turns you on, have the loudest sex possible. Enjoy a good spanking session, tie each other up with handcuffs, give blindfolding each other a try or read erotica together – attempt anything that breaks the silence.

 3. Try spending more time together

Try spending more time together

Get off all gay dating apps and go shopping together – something hardly any gay doesn’t like. The idea is to do something together you both enjoy. You can even shop sex toys together that you both feel can help you take the lovemaking to the next level. The mere idea of browsing naughty toys together will rekindle the romance between you two.

4. Surprise each other

Surprise each other

If you feel your long-distance gay relationship is at the edge of breaking off just because of your absence in the relationship, take some time off to surprise your guy. If you are shy, welcome him home totally naked.

If you too have been living together, give performing a striptease and drawing each other naked a try. If you are into cooking, make take to prepare a meal your partner loves. The intent of all these activities is to surprise each other and silently convey that you are willing to change to save this relationship.  

5. Give each other a break

Give each other a break

As we always say, there is no point in saving a relationship that is ultimately set up for an ugly break up. However, it is equally important to give each other a few last chances. If any of the above on this list doesn’t work out, try not seeing each other for a week before breaking it up. If you two are meant to be together, this break will enliven your thirst for each other. Else, you know what you have to do next.


  1. I am totally agree wirh all these points , carrying a relationship need so much patience need tj respect each other also very important.

  2. Always keep a positive think about our love.we respect each other’s feelings with in heart love.Give him more time to know me & spend more time with together.

  3. What about open relationships?? Where both of them are having sex outside for lust but ultimately end of the day they do love each other….

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